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Applejack Trading Company

Home to the Eclectic

Applejack was formed in 1985 to import and supply real French Cidre to the UK's restaurant and wine trades.  The product list grew to include Calvados a selection of Beers and finally a range of splendid wines.  Our ranges are extensive and carefully chosen to represent the very best of French country produce.

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Champagne pour les enfants!

Pom'Pizz from Kerisac is pure, natural, sparkling apple juice.

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Cider We are delighted to represent the two growing regions of France for Cider with the family firms of Guillet in Brittany and Asseline in Normandy. There is a real distinction between their products as climatically the regions are quite different.
Calvados Normandy's secret. Until very recently every Jacques, Francois et Harry made Calvados via the mobile stills, which visited all parts of the apple-growing region. As this is now outlawed it happens much less. Calvados the brandy made from the distillation of cider is matured in oak barrels for at least 2 years and in most cases a lot longer to give a product which stands comparison to the renowned Cognac.
Beer A Biere de Luxe from Alsace, a selection of Bieres de Garde from Northern France that balance strength with flavour and two delicious beers from Brittany.
Specials A selection of oddities including a pfizzy pear "Poire de Normandie" and Pommeau an apple based aperitif